The LoveArmy is an unignorable force of good in cities across the world. It’s people who do good for others, expecting nothing in return. 


1. Social Media: Actively share content, challenges, stories on your social media. When there is a new challenge, show people on your social how to take it on, what to do and how they can jump in! 

2. Word of Mouth: When chatting with friends through text, phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. let them know about what you’re doing. Word of mouth is a powerful way to share the good news. 

3. Wear the Hoodie: If you purchased one - Amazing! Wear it when you are going out for essential trips. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can buy one now again! 

4. Text in Stories: Keep texting in stories about love shown. Encourage those around you to do the same. 

5. Pray: Keep the LoveArmy in your prayers. How can the Love we show, help others to see the Love of Jesus.


Q: What if you are uncomfortable with showing your face while posting on social media? 
A: Not a problem! Help us spread the word by REPOSTING the content from our LoveArmy pages. 

Q: What is our current commitment due to COVID? 
A: The current commitment is a regular meeting, preferably once a month. We will talk about the new challenge and feedback from the efforts of team unignorable. 

Q: There's a WhatsApp Chat? 
A: Yes! Feel free to email your phone number and we will add you! 

Q: If I'm being honest, I've struggled with the feeling of being "prideful" in sharing my acts. I know its part of the mission but what's your advice for people feeling similar? 
A: Some feel more comfortable to share than others, we get it! But when you share, you help encourage others and give voice to those who may not have the same personality or boldness as you do. As well, when we do share, direct the act towards the cause (ex. "Hey I'm giving 100$ towards YONGE STREET MISSION and #CNOY because they're doing amazing work for the homeless in our city and I want to partner with them to make an impact.") The highlight goes to the challenge and Yonge Street mission, not to yourself.


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