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The LoveArmy is an unignorable force of good in our world. It’s people who do good for others, expecting nothing in return. It’s that neighbour who is always willing to help, it’s that church who delivers food to families in need, it’s that teacher who volunteers to tutor kids who can’t afford the help.  If this sounds like you, join us in being unignorably good!


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Happy 2nd Anniversary, LoveArmy!

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We're on a goal to show 100,000 acts of love over the next 5 years. Click on the TELL US button above to make yours count!
98,017 acts of goodness shown!



The #ThankYou Challenge is all about thanking those around us. As we close off the year, we'd like to spread our gratitude by writing notes and letters to unsung heroes, friends, loved ones, neighbours, colleagues and whoever else comes to mind.

Why: We all need each other and can do so much more together. We are grateful for everyone's contribution to make the world a better place!
What: Write a thank you card with what you are thankful for this year OR to give to someone you want to thank.
Where: We will be giving out cards at on Dec. 4th, or you can also do this from wherever you are with a card, email, letter, etc.
When: December 1st – December 31st
As always, feel free to Tell Us if you have done something Unignorably Good during the month, outside of this challenge! To let us know you can always text the word LOVE to 416-291-9575 or use the Tell Us button on this site.



Take on the #LoveEarth Challenge with us in the month of April! In this challenge, we'll be working together to plant virtual trees through Tree Canada. You can also take on many other challenges like choosing sustainable transportation options, reducing our food waste, purchasing second-hand, recycling batteries and so much more!
Why: Earth is so good to us. As inhabitants of it, everyone is accountable to take action and be a part of growing a resilient ecosystem that is healthier, greener and overall cared for. Are you ready to take on this month’s challenge?

What: 10 ways you can participate:
1. I will plant a virtual tree through Tree Canada
2. I will grow my own vegetable garden

Sustainable Mobility
3. I will choose to walk to my destination
4. I will choose to ride my bike to my destination

5. I will reduce food waste by properly storing leftovers
6. I will buy and eat local for two meals this month

7. I will opt for second-hand purchases
8. I will recycle my batteries

9. I will replace 2 light bulbs with LED bulbs to make my home more efficient
10. I will monitor my thermostat and use less heat or air conditioning

When: Earth day is April 22nd, but we’ll be celebrating our Earth all month long!

Take on the #LoveEarth Challenge with us & don't forget to Tell Us through the form on this site or by texting the word LOVE to 416-291-9575. Let's be unignorably good to our planet this April!

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