ONE neighbour

- ask them how they are doing.
- offer to do errand run(s).
- place-back their garbage bins, offer to mow their lawns, invite them to a covid-safe bbq and/or drop off food.
- parents, offer a playdate with your kids so they can have a break
- check-in on those who live alone or are isolated (seniors).

UNITE for a cause

- Start a community garden.
- a fundraiser for a local charity of your choice or a summer-clothing drive. 
*check out our partners page*
- share resources: books, lawn equipment, produce from your vegetable garden, etc.

ENCOURAGE a student

- rally together people in the neighbourhood to write letters of encouragement to students who are heading back to school. Hand deliver to their homes!
- Encourage parents, offer to purchase/pick up school supplies, etc.
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