Take on the #LoveEarth Challenge by taking any 1 of the 10 challenges below. Want to be unignorably good?  Try doing 5 this month!!  

Remember to let us know through the Tell Us form on this site or by texting the word LOVE to 416-291-9575.

One lucky submission to this month's challenge will win a $100.00 gift card to Home Depot!!


1) I will plant a virtual tree through Tree Canada (link is below)

2) I will grow my own vegetable garden

Sustainable Mobility

3) I will choose to walk to my destination

4) I will choose to ride my bike to my destination


5) I will reduce food waste by properly storing leftovers

6) I will buy and eat local for two meals this month


7) I will opt for second-hand purchase

8) I will recycle my batteries

Friends of LoveArmy

Matt Chapman

Thanks to Matt Chapman for helping us with content and ideas for this challenge.  Matt and his family have been a part of the LoveArmy / OneChurch.to family for a long time!

Helpful Resources 

Tree Planting with the City:
Films to consider watching:
Other activities & organization:
Home Energy Efficiency Tips: https://www.toronto.ca/services-payments/water-environment/environmental-grants-incentives/energy-efficiency-incentives-for-homeowners-2/
Kitchen Table Climate Conversations: http://www.climatefast.ca/kitchen-table-conversations
Toronto Environmental Alliance: https://www.torontoenvironment.org 
Toronto Climate Action Network: https://www.tcan.ca
National Climate League (See how Toronto stacks up to other Canadian cities on sustainability)
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