About The First Nations Restoration Center

Maurice and his wife Louise first started working with an organization that helped with the drug and alcohol problems occuring within the First Nations. After working there for a while, they felt called by God to change their focus on dealing with the entire family rather than just one person at a time. That's when they founded The First Nations Restoration Center in 2011. Maurice and Louise Chisel have been bringing a "Message of Hope'' to First Nations people for over 20 years. Maurice's background in Family Service Work paired with Louise's work as a Mental Health Nurse has given them many first hand opportunities to see the overwhelming hurt that grief brings. 

Today, The First Nations Restoration Center has become a central hub for surrounding First Nations communities by providing programs such as Grief & Forgiveness Seminars, Residential Programs that help couples who are dealing with addictions and grief, and The Omamuk helping Omamuk (Moms helping Moms) program. In total, they serve over thirty communities around Sioux Lookout. 

For this month’s challenge, LoveArmy has decided to specifically support the Moms helping Moms program. Some moms find themselves without the baby clothing and diapers they need after giving birth. This program helps to support these mothers by supplying them with "baby bundles". These bundles include a few basic items to help these moms get started, such as diapers and blankets. Maurice and Louise’s dream is to give every mother in the north a baby bundle. When money is donated, they have volunteers drive one hour to Walmart and return to pack the baby bundles. There is always a high demand for these bundles, so if you feel inclined to donate, go to our registration page.
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